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Information about shakuhachi
International Shakuhachi Society. Information on lineages, pieces, performers, and recordings.
Articles and translations by Lindsay Dugan
Riley Lee's website has info and articles on shakuhachi, including his PhD thesis
Archive of the Shakuhachi Mailing List, maintained by B. Jones

Shakuhachi players
Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, performer, teacher, and author
Lindsay Dugan, performer and teacher, based in Melbourne
Kaoru Kakizakai, performer and teacher, regular instructor at ASS festivals
Bronwyn Kirkpatrick, performer and teacher, based in the Blue Mountains
Riley Lee, performer, teacher, and founder of the Australian Shakuhachi Society
Carl Rathus, who also studied with Sakai Chikuho II in Japan. Based in Brisbane.

Shakuhachi and merchandise
David Brown, renowned Australian maker of wood and bamboo shakuhachi
Monty Levenson's Taihei shakuhachi. The first and biggest commercial site dedicated to the shakuhachi and other related instruments.
Mejiro Co. Ltd, a store in Tokyo that caters to shakuhachi enthusiasts worldwide.
Noel Dowling, maker of beginner's bamboo flutes, based in Queensland.

Shakuhachi community links
Australian Shakuhachi Society Facebook page
European Shakuhachi Society, host to the ESS Shakuhachi Forum
Hogaku Journal, a monthly Japanese publication covering all aspects of traditional music in Japan (Japanese only).
International Shakuhachi Kenshukan, founded by Katsuya Yokoyama.
Komuso Research Association, hosted by M. Kosuge (Japanese only).
Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies.

Other links
The site of TaikOz, Australia's taiko (Japanese festival drums) group, founded by Ian Cleworth and Riley Lee.

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